Please thank your Pilates instructors for making us do those tough bridge Pilates exercises. They really come in handy during the delivery. The midwives were amazed that I could still hold my body up after labour!
- Lili Chua, Singapore
<cite> - Lili Chua, Singapore </cite>
Since I discovered Pilates, my double compressed spine pain went away and I felt really relaxed and in great shape. When I moved to Singapore, I wanted to find a Pilates class that was as great and professional as the one I went to in Hong Kong. I tried many Pilates studios and fitness centres here in Singapore – my best choice without any doubt would be PowerMoves. After I tried it, I can say they have the best Pilates instructors, different one from another but all very professional, coaching you throughout each session, teaching you more and more, helping you progress and feel better. That is exactly what I was looking for – professional, reliable and committed. I would really recommend PowerMoves. Great teachers, beautiful place, very nice studio. Please, don’t change!
- Delphine Daignes, France
<cite> - Delphine Daignes, France </cite>
I was suffering from a bad back for some years. When I consulted my chiropractor and physiotherapist, they both said that yoga would be good – but Pilates would be even better! So I visited PowerMoves Pilates studio – Most Beautiful Pilates Studio – and signed up for their Reformer classes. It’s a great exercise regime. My back felt better immediately under their dedicated supervision, and since then I have been working out there twice a week. I’m delighted to say that I don’t have any more pains to complain about in my back.
- Jamie Chew, Singapore
<cite> - Jamie Chew, Singapore </cite>
The personal attention you get at PowerMoves was just what I needed. It’s a great escape from the city environment and I really look forward to ‘my time’ here… I can now fit into the clothes that I haven’t worn for years. Pilates has changed my perception of exercise – I’m addicted now!
- Susie Lawson, Australia
<cite> - Susie Lawson, Australia </cite>
Despite going to the gym since 2000 and attending yoga classes from 2003, I was not able to achieve a lean and strong body, and had problem areas such as flabby arms, thighs and tummy because of my desk-bound job. As a result of a knee injury sustained from a fall during my childhood, I am also restricted to limited cardio machines in the gym. I was introduced by my best friend, May Tan, to the matwork class at PowerMoves – a studio that offers Pilates exercises both on the mat as well as machine. I was impressed with the studio’s lush greenery which provided a perfect ambience for a workout, as well as the friendly staff. Claudel Kuek, the studio’s director is very patient and caring, and never fails to extend her patience to her students who come from all walks of life and have very different physical stamina! I have completed 30 classes (6 matwork & 24 machine classes) to date and I feel happier and better about myself. I find solace in my weekly classes which have given me a leaner and stronger body. And it’s gentle on my knees! Thank you and keep up the amazing work!
- Jasmine Tan, Singapore
<cite> - Jasmine Tan, Singapore </cite>
Pilates has become an extremely popular form of exercise over the last several years. That’s both good news and bad news. What’s good is that classes are easily accessible just about everywhere at a broad range of prices. What’s bad is that it is so easy to do Pilates the wrong way! Without the proper guidance, you can miss the whole point of the strengthening of the core and the benefits of the deeper breathing techniques. Instead, you can end up like I did with overworked hip flexors, strained back muscles, and absolutely no idea of how to get my navel to touch my spine. That is until I found PowerMoves Pilates studio tucked away in the very heart of Bishan Park. PowerMoves uses highly trained and knowledgeable instructors and very small class sizes in a tranquil setting. But for me, it is the personalised attention that makes the studio a real stand-out. Genuine concern for the client’s well-being is demonstrated throughout – from the initial questionnaire to determine your physical condition to frequent follow-ups to gauge your progress. Their Pilates instructors make certain that you have a command of each new concept before moving on to more challenging techniques, and each is expert at accommodating any physical limitations you might have. Naturally, I would recommend the studio to any Pilates-lover. That’s a no-brainer. But to those of you who have tried Pilates elsewhere and are not so sure what all the hype is about, PowerMoves will teach you the real deal.
- Debbie Andrade, USA
<cite> - Debbie Andrade, USA </cite>
PowerMoves offers the ultimate Pilates classes which have left me challenged and re-energised. Being an instructor myself for nearly 10 years in UK, it was a luxury to be taught by the PowerMoves team of fantastic instructors. You have no idea how much I enjoyed the time I spent in your wonderfully calming Pilates studio. Such a treat to be able to attend Pilates classes in the most amazing studio in the world! Getting to work on the reformer, wunda chair, cadillac and barrel were heavenly too – thank you! You have me for life!
- Kira Bowie, United Kingdom
<cite> - Kira Bowie, United Kingdom </cite>
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