Pilates Matwork

Challenging Pilates Matwork Classes

Pilates has emerged as a technique preferred by the discerning and sophisticated fitness enthusiast who prefers tone, length and strength over bulk. Many of PowerMoves’ clients enjoy our Pilates matwork classes for the variety of movement and physical grace it provides by using gravity and one’s own body weight to challenge every move from where one works out on the mat. For many, the mat is the perfect place to build up core strength initially and enjoy a challenging all-round workout using Joseph Pilates’ classic stretching and strengthening exercises.

4 Invigorating Mat Classes

Pilates Core
A Beginner mat class devoted to helping students develop a firm understanding of the basic movement principles of Pilates. The focus is on proper breathing and the correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and on strengthening core muscles for flat abs and a strong back.
Pilates Strength
This is an Intermediate mat class targeted at correcting all muscular imbalance and improving muscle elasticity as well as joint mobility for ultimate flexibility in movement. Exercises are designed to challenge you physically and mentally and result in a long, lean and flexible evenly-conditioned body.
Prenatal Pilates
This is a PreNatal mat class to develop functionally strong abdominals as well as a flexible and powerful pelvic floor, and a supportive back. Achieving ideal alignment and coordinating movement with breath will ensure your pregnancy is a comfortable, rewarding and wonderful experience.
Pilates Balance
Working with Pilates training accessories requires concentration, control and precision to create a balanced, lithe and integrated body; with desired results that remain steadfast in you. You will develop the art of balance in movement and achieve a body that will serve you well in your Pilates journey.
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