Pilates Reformer

Take a Revitalizing Pilates Reformer Class

A holistic exercise for the thinking person, Pilates transforms your body while it refreshes your mind. Comprising hundreds of controlled exercises, this form of exercise is diverse and enriching, yet deep and engaging. The movements are designed to flow, like a dance, which bring about a sense of inner serenity, poise and control. With its careful blend of strength and flexibility training, you will build endurance and power, improve posture and tone, and enhance coordination and balance.

Many of PowerMoves’ clients are enthralled by the benefits of the lengthening and strengthening exercises performed on the Pilates Reformer. The resistance of springs, pulleys and weights that are built into this machine heightens the effects of your movements and provides an extra element of challenge as you work out with the help of your instructor.

4 Inspiring Reformer Classes

Pilates Control
A Beginner Pilates Reformer class that encourages correct breathing, alignment and form while promoting functional strength of abdominal and back muscles helping you to enjoy daily activities and sports with greater ease and less chance of injury.
Pilates Power
An Intermediate Pilates Reformer class that takes you one step further emphasizing complete concentration on smooth, flowing movements executed with power and efficiency for good posture, sports performance and optimal health.
Cardio Pilates
A heartrate raising session on the intermediate Pilates Reformer that’s bound to get your senses charged up. An intense class coupled with interval challenges to enhance your cardiovascular output and help burn more calories and dissolve fat.
Circuit Pilates
A dynamic class utilising various Pilates machines. During this session several compound movements are carefully executed with an eye to perfecting every possible detail for an effective, efficient and balanced workout of Pilates exercises.
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