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Learn Pilates with our Talented Instructors

PowerMoves is proud to boast a talented team of instructors with the passion, experience and expertise necessary to help you enjoy and benefit from your practice. In wanting to learn Pilates, it is important to look for an instructor who has a strong knowledge of the Pilates method and how it affects the human body. You would want a Pilates instructor with a deep passion and desire to share their knowledge with you, so you can be enriched by the full range of the Pilates technique and repertoire – at your own pace and according to your body’s strengths and weaknesses.

Claudel Kiki Susie Bennie Dior
Rechelle Mel Levi Rose Shimrit
Wina Sarah Lara Liz Surbjit

Our dedicated instructors will work closely with you to take your body to the next level

Here at PowerMoves Pilates in the Park, our instructors have a genuine concern for your needs and goals, and want you to feel fitter, look better and ultimately lift your entire spirit. Our instructors will work with you so that your Pilates sessions are deeply engaging, surprisingly relaxing and yet always challenging enough so that your body is able to realise its full potential. We believe that a great instructor is one who knows your capabilities, and can gradually push and challenge you to extend your abilities in a safe, holistic manner. We have developed our team of teachers based on this philosophy and are confident that you will derive a great sense of satisfaction whilst learning under them.

Making a difference in someone’s life is pretty amazing, and this is the joy our Pilates instructors derive from teaching you and working out with you through the Pilates method, at PowerMoves Pilates Singapore.

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Located in lush settings of Dempsey and Novena
Classes are open! Use our 5 minute booking system to reserve a slot and be on your way to a healthier, fitter, more beautiful you.