Privates and Duets

Gain deeper insight into your body’s movement capabilities & potential

Private and Duet Pilates classes are the most effective way to focus on your individual needs and goals. Our instructor trainers will provide you with many challenging and highly-beneficial sessions giving you deeper insight into your body’s movement capabilities and potential.

In the course of your PowerMoves Pilates training programme, you will stretch your body, tone your muscles, relieve stress, reduce chronic pain, and rejuvenate yourself. As Pilates focuses on quality of movement rather than number of repetitions, you will feel energised after each session, instead of feeling exhausted. With its low-impact routine, Pilates is attractive to those needing rehabilitation from back conditions and joint injuries, with physiotherapy benefits that take away all pain; to pre-natal women and post-menopausal women; and just about anyone wanting increased joint mobility, improved circulation, increased strength and flexibility, greater overall fitness, a flatter stomach and thinner thighs.

6 Pilates Principles, 1 Goal


Correct breathing oxygenates the blood, improves the circulation, and energises your body systems, giving you a sense of well-being. In Pilates, the structured breathing calms your body and mind, helping you to recruit the appropriate muscles and enhance the ease of each movement.


In concentrating on every detail of your Pilates move, you heighten your body awareness. By staying mentally focused, you improve your physical form and transform your physique, as you actively engage each individual muscle that is being worked.


Joseph Pilates dubbed his method ‘Contrology’. Every move to be executed is meticulously calculated and measuredly articulated. Control ensures maximum benefit from each movement, guards against injury and achieves the mind-over-body empowerment that makes a real difference to your physiology.


Pilates develops the ‘core’ – the ‘powerhouse’ set that comprises the abdominals, the gluteals and the lower back muscles. Pilates teaches you to initiate all your movements from a strong core allowing your limbs to move safely and gracefully as you keep your powerhouse firmly engaged.


Every Pilates move has a purpose and being precise about each movement allows you to re-align your spine and re-sculpt your muscles with greater success. Such precision elevates your entire workout from being simply superficial to one that is intensely beneficial.


This final Pilates principle is a synthesis of all the prior essentials. If you breathe fully and deeply, concentrate on your form, move with control, initiate movements from your centre, and perform your routine with precision, your moves will flow. The Pilates exercises will come together seamlessly in a world of fluidity – in a masterfully choreographed circuit for the body and the mind.

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