Novena Hub

Pilates classes specially centered on you
Nestled within the latest medical wellness, shopping and lifestyle hub, PowerMoves Pilates at Novena Hub is Singapore’s best Pilates studio for a comprehensive variety of Pilates classes that increase strength and flexibility, as well as muscular and postural symmetry.

PowerMoves Pilates Studio at Novena Hub is a fully-equipped lifestyle Pilates studio complete with the latest Pilates equipment and accessories. Now set in the tranquil calm and tropical quiet of a medical specialist centre, our Pilates @ Novena studio is the perfect place to experience the ultimate mind-body connection of Pilates as you streamline your body, reawaken your inner strength and discover a new level of being.

Together with Novena Specialist Centre, PowerMoves is an exclusive one-stop mind-body wellness facility. With hourly Pilates classes that provide total body conditioning to help enhance functional fitness, improve posture and balance, build bone density, and add muscle mass – indulge in customized Pilates programmes designed to nurture you to perfection.

Every PowerMoves Pilates class helps you to:

  • strengthen your core and improve your flexibility
  • overcome injury and relieve pain
  • stretch your body and lengthen your muscles
  • feel stronger, leaner and more toned
  • stand taller and breathe better
  • teach your mind focus and body awareness
  • slow down ageing
  • recharge so you feel positively different

PowerMoves Studios

Located in lush settings of Dempsey and Novena
Classes are open! Use our 5 minute booking system to reserve a slot and be on your way to a healthier, fitter, more beautiful you.