Re-Opening in Phases

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The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 19 May 2020 that Singapore will exit the Circuit Breaker when it ends on 1st June, and embark on a three-phased approach to resume activities safely, beginning with Phase One.

While new daily cases would likely increase once activities resume, the Government will continue to detect and contain cases quickly to prevent new clusters from forming.

The reopening of Pilates and fitness studios is scheduled to be in Phase Two, and not Phase One.

In Phase Two, more activities will resume. However, Singapore can only move into this phase if community transmission rates remain low and stable over the subsequent weeks from Phase One, and the dormitory situation remains under control.

Measures will continue to be lifted gradually in Phase Two, such as:

  • Resuming social activities in small groups
  • Reopening more businesses with safe management measures in place. These include F&B dine-in services, retail outlets, gym, pilates and fitness studios, tuition and enrichment centres
  • Allowing all students to fully return to schools, and more students on campuses of institutes of higher learning
  • Reopening sports, recreation, and outdoor facilities.


We seek your understanding and thank you for your patience as we work with our country to reach a new normal; this would be when we are ready to enter into Phase Three.


Stay cheery and stay blessed,

PowerMoves Pilates


Extension of Circuit Breaker month

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Further to PM Lee’s extension of the circuit breaker period, please note that we are unable to reopen till 2nd June 2020, Tuesday.  We look forward to welcoming you back into our tranquil studios for your Pilates workouts with us. In the meantime, virtual classes are available at your request.

Your current packages are all extended for the entire duration of the circuit breaker.

Please take good care, stay home and stay safe at all times.

With love, from our home to yours,
PowerMoves 💕


Expat Living Award, Pilates, Pilates at Dempsey, Pilates at Novena, Pilates Dempsey Singapore, Pilates Novena Specialist Centre, Pilates Studio Singapore, PowerMoves Pilates in the Park, SHAPE Award, Singapore TATLER Award

In compliance with the government’s stricter safe distancing measures, please be advised that the PowerMoves studios will be closed for the duration of the ‘circuit-breaker’ month (from Tuesday, 7th April to Monday, 4th May). We will reopen on Tuesday, 5th May 2020 and will be available to receive your calls and reply your emails during this entire time (working from home).

We will suspend all active packages for the entire month.

Our warm regards to you and your families. Remember to stay home mostly and be safe during your essential errands.


With love n blessings,

PowerMoves 💕

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

Expat Living Award, Pilates, Pilates at Dempsey, Pilates at Novena, Pilates Dempsey Singapore, Pilates Novena Specialist Centre, Pilates Studio Singapore, PowerMoves Pilates in the Park, SHAPE Award, Singapore TATLER Award

COVID19 Safety Guidelines


Further efforts and measures are being made to safeguard the well-being of all our clients and our staff.

Please refrain from coming into the studios if:

  • you have been given the Stay-Home Notice by the government
  • you have traveled anywhere at all in the last 14 days
  • you are in close contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID19
  • you are in close touch with anyone who has just returned to Singapore in the last 14 days
  • you are feeling unwell and/ or are displaying symptoms of the fever, dry throat, cough, runny nose, loss of smell.


Our studios remain open as we continue to be vigilant with stepped-up protective measures for your health and safety:

  • the cleaning and disinfecting of all areas and surfaces within our studios have increased
  • mandatory temperature checks for all clients entering our studios – any client who shows a temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celsius will be turned away
  • mandatory hand-sanitizing for everyone entering our studios
  • all studio equipment are sanitized after every use – please bring your own mats and towels for more assurance
  • all persons and equipment are to be spaced at least 1m distance apart at all times
  • all clients are required to leave the studios expediently at the end of their class. No more chill time within.


Please take special care always; to wash your hands frequently, to adopt good personal hygiene habits, to sanitize your hands whenever you can, and to never touch your face outside of home.

Stay well and keep safe. This too shall pass, and we will get through this together.


Yours in good health and good spirits,

The PowerMoves family

“Success Breakthroughs”

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Claudel Kuek teams up with Best-Selling Author Jack Canfield, to release the new book, Success Breakthroughs, which brings together successful entrepreneurs to offer advice as a catalyst to success.



Claudel Kuek was selected to be in the book because of her commitment to professional success and willingness to share her vast knowledge. Her expertise in the fitness and wellness industry makes her an asset to the publication and will surely benefit a wide range of readers.


About Claudel Kuek:


Claudel believes that, “our greatest wealth is our health”. On the strength of that conviction, she founded PowerMoves Pilates-in-the-Park with its first studio in the healing serenity and soothing ambience of the city central park in 2006. Over the next 12 years, PowerMoves went on to start up other branches across the country, each housed within a distinctive lifestyle destination surrounded by fine gourmet restaurants, art shops, specialist medical clinics, and nature. 


An accomplished ballerina formerly with the UK Royal Academy of Dance and a professionally-certified Pilates trainer, Claudel’s founding philosophy was a heartfelt desire to endow and empower individuals with “a rhythm and confidence that transcends mere exercise and becomes a way of life”. Not unlike ballet, the visible benefits of Pilates are manifested as a combination of energy and elegance that can be perceived even in the way a person moves. Her passion led to PowerMoves becoming a renowned fitness and wellness brand in the country. Her multi-award winning studios have gained numerous accolades such as “Most Beautiful Studios in the World” by Balanced Body Inc, “Best Pilates Classes” by SHAPE magazine, “Best of Singapore” by Tatler magazine; and scoring first place over multiple years consecutively for Most Outstanding Service Quality in the sports and recreation arenas.


At 54 today with two grown-up children, Claudel is a role model for working women and mothers everywhere. She is a Jack Canfield certified master trainer (creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series), and has developed a success coaching enterprise to help aspiring youths and women discover a new capacity and confidence that is founded from fitness and wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Tried and Tested: Prenatal Pilates at PowerMoves

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Tried and Tested: Prenatal Pilates at PowerMoves



Class bookings online at the MindBody app for POWERMOVES Pilates classes in Singapore :)

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Make your next Pilates class booking with us online – from your phone or any smart device! Sign in to MindBody online which can be found on under CLASS BOOKINGS.

Look forward to seeing you in our Pilates classes today!!

Yours in fitness and wellness,
PowerMoves Pilates Lifestyle


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Nestled within the latest medical wellness, shopping and lifestyle hub, PowerMoves is now located at Novena Specialist Centre. With hourly Pilates classes that provide total body conditioning to help enhance physical fitness, improve posture and balance, build bone density and increase muscle mass ~ indulge in customized Pilates programmes designed to nurture you to perfection.

Every PowerMoves Pilates class also helps you to:

– strengthen your core and improve your flexibility.
– overcome injury and relieve pain.
– stretch your body and lengthen your muscles.
– feel stronger, leaner and more toned.
– stand taller and breathe better.
– teach your mind focus and body awareness.
– recharge so you feel positively different.

PowerMoves’ award-winning, tropical resort Pilates studios offer you a buffet of Pilates classes ~ including the ever-popular Pilates Matwork, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Tower, PreNatal Pilates, as well as customized Physio Pilates sessions and our very own Power Pilates Promise package.

In Joseph Pilates’ words, “in 10 sessions, you’ll feel the difference; in 20, you’ll see the difference; in 30, you’ll have a whole new body.”

Experience a new capacity and confidence founded on fitness and wellness through Pilates ~ at PowerMoves.

8 SINARAN DRIVE, #02-05, SINGAPORE 307470. T: (65) 6455 2221

Best Pilates Singapore, Pilates and Dance, Pilates award, Pilates Fitness, Pilates Health, Pilates Physiotherapy, Pilates Studio Singapore, PowerMoves Pilates in the Park

PowerMoves wins the Best Pilates Studio category in the EXPAT LIVING Reader Awards 2011.

For the last three months of 2011, Expat Living invited its readers to go online to vote for their favourite things in Singapore. Such categories as Best Dry Cleaner and Best Fitness Club to Favourite Airline and Favourite Medical Facility were included. Because readers use our services and know us well, they are in the best position to judge and vote.

Thank you for your votes! We are the favourite choice in the category of Best Pilates Studio in Singapore. It is an honour to win. We will continue to serve you and give you our best in the world of Pilates and in the name of fitness, friendship and fun.

Happy New Year to you and may all you wish for, dream of, work towards come true for you this fabulous 2012!

From all your friends at PowerMoves Pilates in the Park